I'm James. That picture over there (should you be on a browswer with sufficient width to show it) is supposed to represent me, but my art skills are fantastic atrocious, so resemblence might not be picture perfect.


0 - 12

Born in South Shields, England in 1990, I went to school to a catholic primary school within walking distance from where I lived. My secondary school was a little further away, three stops and a pittance of 25p fare on the bus if I remember correctly.

12 - 17

At the age of twelve and five days, we emmigrated. Cyprus was where we ended up. Although the first few months were quite enjoyable and felt mostly like an extended holiday, the following five years were a little too much. Schooling in 30-40 degree weather is not particularly pleasant. It was here that I completed the rest of my schooling, GCSEs in 2005 and A' Levels in 2007.

It was approximately a quarter way through my penultimate year at school that my interested in programming and software development piqued. A friend of mine loaned me a book on a branch of the BASIC programming language focused on games. Being fifteen at the time computer games took up a fair amount of time. Upon discovering that I could make some of these games myself, I decided to swap to more relevant subjects. I took up IT and Physics, neither of which I had taken at GCSE but put in the effort to catch up.

Not too surprisingly, I then applied for computer science courses at university. When the time came, I decided to return to the North East to continue my studies and although I was moving 2000 miles away from my parents at age seventeen it didn't seem too daunting to return to an area I knew.

17 - 19

The three years of university taught me a lot. Firstly I learned that BASIC was a terrible language for games. Java was the language concentrated upon at Newcastle and was almost solely taught for three years. The first two years of the course concentrated on computer science as a whole and it was only during the final year that we were given the freedom of module choice to focus our interests. I chose all of the gaming modules, developing skills in graphics, artificial intelligence and the games industry.

Throughout university, I also picked up a few web development skills and a little American Sign Language. An odd skill perhaps, but revision becomes tedious and students are masters at finding ridiculous ways to procrastinate!

The Grind Years

Shortly after my graduation I was lucky enough to find employ with a small games company in Sunderland as an Android Programmer. The boss quickly discovered that the market wasn't quite big enough for him and so re-employed me as an iPhone Developer instead. I'm currently still in this position and I enjoy it!

Having moved six times in the last five years, mostly thanks to year long leases and a house purchase that took more than six months, I'm now living in Gateshead with my boyfriend and my brother.

In short, that brings us up to today, where I finally put some content on this home page!